Roasted Beet Mostaccioli (And the first post!)

Wow. My first post. I’ve been cooking for quite some time, but here it has finally begun- a Food Blog.

Before I get ahead of myself, here’s one thing I hope to always do.

Recipes used this evening:

That way, if you want the recipes here at the top of the post without reading all my comments and thoughts, you got ’em. And if you want to read my stuff, it’s all below!

Well here we go. I had a couple of beets laying around. And some pasta. I looked up this recipe last night, trying to see if I could make it happen at ten pm and decided it would be a bad idea. Tonight was the night!

Lets get started. Be cautious of the words “cut into a small dice” when referring to the beets- Too small and they’ll look something like this:

Diced them a bit too small, perhaps, but the taste is all there!
Diced them a bit too small, perhaps, but the taste is all there!

Oh well! Tasty nonetheless.

As I write this, I’m getting up to get another bowl of this stuff. Hold on.

I’m back. More beety goodness. Back to business, and I’ll jump backwards in the story.

As you’re looking at the recipe, you might be thinking “Hm. That doesn’t look vegan.” I sure hope you are. Now check out the second recipe. Vegan parm. It might not be what the initial idea was, but it works and comes together all the same.

So, swap the Parmesan cheese for some good old vegan parm, and you won’t even have to wash additional dishes! Make the parm in your food processor (I used Roasted, Slightly Salty Cashews from Trader Joe’s instead of raw and it tastes fine to me!) and then take out half to make the sauce. I swapped the cream/milk for almond milk and left out the vermouth completely. I found that I needed more broth to get it thinned out, but not more than double.

Photos of the process!

Three simple bits to make some delicious vegan parm!
Three simple bits to make some delicious vegan parm!

Sauce and Boiling Pasta

Pretty Pasta

I wish the red came through in the photo better!

Meal complete.

I’ll work on making these posts more interesting.

My first post and all I wanted to do was keep eating the pasta…

But I liked it this dish. I suggest you give it a shot! And feel free to comment.



2 thoughts on “Roasted Beet Mostaccioli (And the first post!)

  1. Such great photos!!! And it’s so helpful that you include the recipes here so that I don’t have to keep asking you. I’m excited to get some new ideas!!!


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