Kale Chips Anyone?

A quiet evening at home with my kale chips.



1 bunch kale

2-3 tablespoons coconut oil



Garlic Powder

Nutritional Yeast


Preheat your oven to 275°.

If it’s cold where you live and your house has no insulation, your coconut oil will have solidified (not that this has ever, ever happened to me). Put it in an oven proof dish and toss it in the preheating oven while you take care of the next steps.

Cut the leaves off the stalk of the kale and wash thoroughly.

This part is important, from what I’ve seen: Dry your kale. I like using a salad spinner but you can also take care of this with a kitchen towel or two. When it’s dry, toss it in a large bowl.

Add spices to your liking. I usually add about two tablespoons or so of nutritional yeast, a teaspoon of garlic powder, half a teaspoon salt and a couple grinds of fresh pepper. Then pour the coconut oil over the top (careful, it’s hot if you just took it out of the oven!) and mix it all with your hands. Be sure to get the oil on both sides of each leaf! When you’re satisfied, lay out the kale individually on a baking sheet or two. Toss these in the oven for eight minutes. At this point, take them out and turn them around to make sure they cook evenly. When I’m doing two sheets full,  usually swap their places in the oven too. Set the timer for three minutes, and then touch a few chips on each sheet to see if they’re crispy yet. Keep checking every minute or so, it can happen fast! I’d say it’s worse to be slightly overcooked than slightly undercooked, because you lose the taste if they’re burned.

Eat them. Probably off the tray. If you’re fancy and trying to take pictures for a food blog, put them in a bowl. That’s the only time it’ll happen.

My story:

I’ve been making Kale Chips for a couple of years. For me, it’s a great excuse to heat up my kitchen in the winter where it’s usually in the 30s.

My Coconit Oil

There. I just gave you a cost effective heating solution. Your oven is on at a low level, but it’s all for sustenance! Keep the doors closed so the kitchen gets nice and warm- you won’t be disappointed.

Fresh KaleJust the leaves!Dried!Prebake!Post Bake!

Kale Chips

I suggest trying different flavors on your kale chips. I’ve done paprika (particularly a bourbon smoked paprika from a spice shop in a neighboring town- delicious!), onion powder, vegan mozzarella, a little bit of sugar and balsamic vinegar, swapped out the coconut oil for olive, you name it. You can do google search for kale chip flavors and you’ll get an incredible mix. I’ve settled down with these for a while now and I’ve been pretty happy with them. When I do try something new, I like to mix half a batch of my normal chips and then add new ingredients so that I’ll always have a fall back.

(Also, on flavorings, tonight I didn’t add quite enough nooch, which became apparent when I was laying them out on the sheet, so I sprinkled more on before popping onto the oven- worked like a charm!)

In regards to the mixing by hand; I know some people might not like this part. In fact I’ve made these with a friend and she’ll do any other part of the prep except this. I sure hope that next time she makes them she’ll have someone to help because I’d say it’s the best way to make sure the kale gets coated in all sides with both the oil and the flavorings!

Tonight I had this along with some of that roasted beet pasta I made the other night. I usually find that the best way to reheat pasta (for my tastes) is in a frying pan with a little bit of oil. Skip the microwave if you want the consistency to be similar! Also, I like to brown bits of it to change up the texture. (This doesn’t go for casseroles or the like though, just to throw out there.)

Have you tried other kale chip flavors? I know there are a lot out there and this is a bit generic, but I’d love to hear from you  so I can try new ones next time! Let me know in the comments below!



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